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Auction #134


Thursday, May 20, 2021

The auction starts at 2:00 PM

5757 Wilshire Blvd
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Great Britain --- Great Britain Offices in Morocco     1 - 67
Aden --- Australia     68 - 167
Bahamas --- Bermuda     168 - 260
British Central Africa --- Cameroons     261 - 318
Canada / British Columbia and Vancouver Island --- Cayman Islands     319 - 440
Ceylon --- Gambia     441 - 567
Gibraltar --- Ireland     568 - 673
Jamaica --- Madagascar     674 - 754
Malaya (Federated States) --- Nevis     755 - 849
New Britain --- Nigeria     850 - 951
Niue --- Rhodesia     952 - 1042
St. Christopher --- Southern Nigeria     1043 - 1152
Southern Rhodesia --- Transvaal     1153 - 1242
Trinidad --- Zululand     1243 - 1356
Mixed Lots     1357 - 1358




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Colonial Stamp Company's #134
Specialized British Empire Public Auction

We welcome all of you back to our Auction 134.

We hope that you have all weathered the pandemic in good order! It looks like things are beginning to come back to normal, but sadly we lost a few old friends. It was an unusual year for us, but the Private Treaty / Want List Department surprisingly thundered ahead at great speed. Clients had a lot of time to work on their collections, I moved the 50 volumes of stock into my home February (2020) and conducted business from my “kitchen table” to a strong 7-figure effect, both in purchases and sales.

Auction 134 contains the results of months of work, booth in purchases as well as several important consignments we received. In the pages of this catalogue you will find many great interesting lots and rarities!

Great Britain includes many important items with a mint £5 orange QV through to scarce Officials. Cyprus is almost complete to the £5. Gibraltar has all the “Key” stamps including £5 mint.

New South Wales has mint examples of some scarce stamps and South Australia features both £5 and £10 mint as well as the 2/6d “O. S.”!

Australia showcases 6 mint £2 Kangaroos. Fiji features 4 “Times Express” issues! New Britain has the very rare 5/- on 5M mint. Strong New Zealand with 7 “O.P.S.O.”s! There are rarely seen multiples of North West Pacific Islands and a rare used high value.

Bahamas has a 1854 2d bisect cover. British Guiana opens with a 12¢ blue Cotton Reel plus rare provisionals (6¢ Official – mint!). Strong Canada and Provinces: British Columbia with all the mint rarities; Newfoundland with mint treasures (6d orange-vermilion and a NH 1930 “Columbia” Air Mail); Nova Scotia’s 1/- mint on bluish is a rarely seen stamp; Canada backs up a complete set of Jubilees with an almost impossible mint 1¢ on one-third 3¢ “Port Hood” (ex-Dale Lichtenstein!). Cayman Islands has major rarities and Falklands features the popular Tercentenary” set complete mint. Malta has the key 10/- wmkd MCA

Quite a few Bechuanaland items of interest. There is a good run of Cape and Mafeking. Rare Griqualand multiples, and a highlight of this Auction is Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika with all the mint K George V high values £1-£10! Large section of Madagascar Consular Mail issues (25!); 50 lots of Rhodesia to the £10 plus double heads and Admirals. Sierra Leone has “key” £5s and we feature a marvelous run of Zanzibar – rare overprint errors, all the highly popular Sultan’s Palace and Dhow issues.

We close the Auction with both a large British Colonies collection and a great big German States and Colonies collection lot.

Did I forget a few good stamps and sections? No doubt! As always:

Happy Hunting!

George and Kevin

Colonial Stamp Co.

Terms of Consignment

The terms for consigning material are simple. First, please write or call with a description of the material before you send it. Your shipment should contain a minimum of $5000 potential realized value (For material totaling less than $5000, we will be happy to review it for outright purchase). Each mint or used item should catalog at least $250, unless you are forwarding a collection in its entirety. All 20th-Century material in that price range is acceptable. Nineteenth Century material should be in very fine condition. An inventory should be included with all shipments of sets and single items (not required for whole collections). Please send all shipments via registered mail for your protection. All material received that is not deemed suitable for consignment will be returned promptly. Shortly before the sale date you will receive a list of your items included in the sale and a copy of the catalog.

The commission rate is only 10% for items realizing $150 or over. Due to production costs the minimum fee per lot is $15 for items realizing less than $150. There are no other charges.

Payment to consignors commences 60 days after the sale, subject to invoices being paid and items on extension having cleared.

Market Report We are continuing to work on filling want lists every day. I am happily amazed at the number of lists coming in realizing we all have a lot more time to work on our own collections! I have then had a chance to work on our Reference Collections as well. We continue to acquire material every month (into 6 figures,) and ship out an equal amount to help insure that we can supply great material, big and small, to help fill-in your want list needs. So keep them coming and you will be pleasantly surprised at the exceptional depth of the stock!

George W. Holschauer



* Mint
** Never hinged
OG   Original gum
unused   Mint without gum
o Used
s/e Straight edge
On Piece
Cover or card
Block of four (or larger)
P Proof
S Specimen
Sh Sheet
E Essay
son Socked on the nose cancel

Catalogue values and numbers are from Scott - current "Scott Classic Specialized", SG – current "Stanley Gibbons Catalogue", MI – current "Michel Catalogue", Canada Specialized – Unitrade Catalogue of Specialized Canada Stamps, other catalogues used will be specifically mentioned. All foreign catalogue price quotations have been converted to US funds based on the prevailing rate of exchange as of the date the lot was written up; this accounts for slight monetary fluctuations.





Up to $100


$100.00 to $290.00


$300.00 to $725.00


$750.00 to $1,950.00


$2,000.00 to $3,000.00


$3,250.00 to $7,500.00


$7,500.00 and above


Bids which do not conform to the above intervals and advances will automatically be reduced to the appropriate level.


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